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HMD confirms Nokia 8 will not be coming to the U.S., says it's not “properly banded”

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Sad news for Nokia fans in the United States, as HMD has just confirmed that its flagship won't be launched in this region. Although previous reports from various sources suggested Nokia 8 might eventually be launched in the US, it appears that the smartphone hasn't been designed for this particular market.

However, not all is lost for US customers, as HMD plans to develop another portfolio of devices specifically built for this market. Some of these devices might be announced as early as Q1 2018 if we are to believe the latest rumors.

The HMD official who confirmed the information also said his company is already working on bringing a new set of devices to the US market, so don't fret just yet.

To a disappointment, we will not be launching the Nokia 8 in the USA. The Nokia 8 is not properly banded for the US to ensure our pledge of 110% consumer satisfaction. I apologize for the disappointing information, but please stay tuned for future US based devices, as we are developing the portfolio.

In the meantime, Nokia 8 is slowly making its way to more markets in Europe. HMD's flagship is priced decent enough (€550-€600) to compete with other major brands in the smartphone industry.

source: NPU

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