Greasy fingers: McDonald's outlets across the UK install Samsung tablets for customers

Greasy fingers: McDonald's outlets across the UK install Samsung tablets for customers
For the past year, various McDonald's managements from different parts of the world have shown some interest in becoming modern tech-friendly, probably in hopes to better appeal to the younger, smartphone-savvy crowd. The chain has installed wireless charging mats in some restaurants, has offered a Happy Meal, which converts into a Cardboard VR goggle set, and now – most of its restaurants in the UK will gear up with Samsung Galaxy tablets.

The slates will be running a software suite developed by mobile software company SOTI, and it will reportedly allow users to browse the Web, social media, or play games, while they are chugging on their Big Mac. It is unknown which model Galaxy tablets are going to be installed, but we'd wager a guess that it's not going to be the flagship Galaxy Tab S2.

McDonald's head of IT Doug Baker said that this is a part of an "Experience of the Future" program, which should "bring us closer to the way people live their lives today", though, that sounds a bit paradoxical. SOTI managing director for Europe and South Africa, Nassar Hussain, added that the program is met with praise by customers, as the tablet project rolls out to more and more restaurants. According to McDonald's, this move introduces contemporary interior designs, and enables a more enjoyable and personalised experience for every customer.

source: PCR via Android Headlines


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