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Gorilla Glass 3 vs steel ball vs 100 pounds pressure (video)

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Gorilla Glass 3 vs steel ball vs 100 pounds pressure (video)

Corning announced the third edition of its mighty popular with smartphone and tablet manufacturers Gorilla Glass a bit before CES 2013 started, and it has a booth there to actually showcase what the new “Native Damage Resistance” is all about.

In there, you can subject Gorilla Glass 3 to a beating by a heavy steel ball, and it will still escape unscathed, unlike those other fragile glass types out there. Or, as Corning puts it:

The Native Damage Resistance composite offers up to 40% reduction in visible scratches for your smartphone and tablet that you will be purchasing this year, as GG3 samples are now with manufacturers, and products with it are coming in the summer.

As for the flexible Willow Glass Corning is also working on - the reps have mentioned this is still being ironed out and tested, so you can put those bendy display thoughts on the backburner for now, at least from Corning's side of things.

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