Google's Fuchsia OS now has a UI for smartphones and tablets

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Google has been quietly working on a new operating system called Fuchsia OS, that replaces the Linux kernel used in Android with one called Magenta. This open source OS has expanded from being just a command line to having an actual UI for smartphones and tablets. While Google hasn't revealed why Fuchsia exists, it is way too early to even speculate on Google's intentions for the future.

The UI, called Armadillo, scrolls vertically and includes a profile picture, current date, location and battery icon. Above that are a series of cards called "Story cards" that are basically your recent apps. Bellow the profile is a scrolling list of suggestions. Tapping on the profile picture opens up something similar to Android's Quick Settings. Long pressing on an app allows users to drag one on top of another, which generates a split screen that can be divided in a number of ways. A third app can also be included. And speaking of apps, the cross-platform Flutter SDK will allow Android developers to quickly port over their apps to Fuchsia.

You can check out the slideshow for more images of the OS. Click on the video at the top of the story to see what the Fuchsia OS would look like right now, running on a smartphone.

source: ArsTechnica, Hotfixit via AndroidAuthority

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