Google's Chris Dale refutes two rumors about Google Glass with one tweet

Google's Chris Dale refutes two rumors about Google Glass with one tweet
The other day, we passed along word from blogger Robert Scoble that Google was going to be buying 6000 square feet of space from Best Buy next year, most likely to sell Google Glass to consumers. Google's Chris Dale has sent out a tweet that not only refutes the rumor about Best Buy, but also says that earlier speculation that Google Glass will cost $299.99 is absolutely wrong.

Even if the Best Buy rumor isn't true, the Big Box retailer appears to have some interest in the idea. In a tweet sent out to a tech blog, Best Buy said through a spokesman, "At this point, we do not have plans to announce more collaborations. However, as our CEO Hubert Joly said during earnings this week, if a partnership makes sense for our customers, the vendor and Best Buy, we would be open to considering expansion."

So for the moment, Best Buy is not reserving any space for the sale of Google Glass, and the connected specs will not be priced at $299. As far as the latter is concerned, the question is whether Google Glass will be priced above that threshold or below it.

source: TechCrunch


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