Google shows the human side of Google Glass by focusing on Dad in new ad

Google shows the human side of Google Glass by focusing on Dad in new ad
Google Glass has almost become a pariah in some locations. Some restaurants and bars won't serve patrons who are wearing the connected specs, and recently a movie chain in Austin told its customers wearing Glass, to remove them before the trailers start. How can Google fight back to make its wearable shades become a device as wholesome and friendly as the smartphone? Is there a way to take the hole out of Glassholes?

Google thinks so. By attaching a more human side to the Glass experience in a new ad, we see videos taken by Fathers swirling their kids around. There is no talk about Glass wearers taking videos of unsuspecting people. Instead, we see just dads, wearing Google Glass to film memories of their sons and daughters. The ad is perfect for today's celebration of Father's Day.

Will humanizing Google Glass remove the stigma that the device lives with? Google might have to do more of this to show off the positive side of the product's capabilities. Check out the human side of Glass by clicking on the video below.

source: GoogleGlass via CNET


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