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Google lets you explore ancient cave artwork in AR and VR

Google lets you explore ancient cave artwork in AR and VR
Since 2011, the Google Arts and Culture platform has been giving users access to cultural knowledge with high-resolution images of artworks in partnering museums, enabling users to virtually tour art galleries, to explore art and compile their own virtual collections. The platform also provides video and audio content with guided tours or welcome videos of certain museums. Currently, Google has worked with over 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions in 70 countries.

However, unlike many other exhibits on the platform, this time Google offers something different - users can visualize a cave exhibition in AR and VR, and not only through photos or videos. This is particularly helpful because the Chauvet cave in France, where the paintings are found, is inaccessible to the public due to its delicate, prehistoric nature. So, even if you are there, you are not allowed to go in and see it. However, Google provides you with a way to check it out for yourself.

The paintings on the walls of the Chauvet cave are among the world’s most ancient artworks. You can see 12 stations within the cave, meanwhile, AR lets you view and interact with 3D models of frescos and other cave paintings.

You can still experience this closed for the public prehistoric art exhibition even if you don’t have a VR or AR compatible device by watching the following YouTube video:

In Google’s announcement, published by an author under the nickname of “Anonymous Cavewoman”, you are able to access a lot of interesting links that bring you to some of the cave’s exhibits.

In order to take the tour, you can download the app and then navigate to the section “Meet our ancestors” from where you gain access to videos, and various VR and AR models.
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