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Google makes small but useful change to Gmail

Google makes small but useful change to Gmail
Google's Gmail app is the leading email app in the world. But that doesn't mean that the app is perfect. AndroidPolice discovered a change made to the Android version of Gmail that makes it easier to copy and paste an email address. With the change being made by Google, Android users will tap on an email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc Compose text fields and that email address will appear along with two new options: "Copy" and "Remove." The former will copy the text and the latter will remove the address from the field.

The old way to do this required that the user long-press on an email address which in turn delivered a pop-up that included a copy button. Sure, the new method is not going to save you a lot of time, but if you do copy and paste email addresses often when using Gmail, this new process might be a little more streamlined. And it also won't cover up the text of the email like the old method did. The email address you've copied ends up on the clipboard from where it can be pasted to other fields outside of Gmail on your phone.

Google appears to be pushing out this change to devices with Gmail for Android v2021.02.05.357775197 installed. Not everyone with this version of the Gmail app has the new feature which suggests that Google is disseminating it using the A-B process it is known for. It did show up on our Pixel 2 XL running Android 11, which is the source of the screenshots above.
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