Google is looking to fill a position for a Product Management Leader for Games

Google is looking to fill a position for a Product Management Leader for Games
When it comes to looking for a long time profitable business market to get your feet wet, you don't have to look far as mobile gaming has exploded to rival the levels of some of those big budget console games that employ a legion of people to develop. Google may be seen as a nagging stuck thorn by some as they continue to attack the mobile market with their Android platform. As we've seen Nintendo now focusing their attention at Apple for encroaching on their turf, it won't be too long before Google may very well be taking a giant leap in mobile gaming. Android may not be the face of mobile gaming right now, but they are rapidly moving forward in this profitable sector as we've seen them make some moves that undoubtedly would cause some eyebrows to raise. As we've seen Google bring along ex-SCEA manager of developer relations Mark DeLoura and acquiring LabPixies to aid in the development process of games and apps, they are now looking to fill yet another position in getting them situated with their gaming department. Google is now in the process of filling a position for a Product Management Leader for Games which include duties such as in-house development and expanding their reach to third party developers. With Froyo and a bevy of high-powered devices on the horizon, it would prove to be foolish if Google doesn't start moving their presence into yet another new arena where they'll undoubtedly cause some stir.

source: Google via Phandroid


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