Google has found a really cool use for Apple's 3D Touch

Google and Apple may be fierce adversaries in the mobile market, but since many iOS users are heavily invested in the search giant's software, a long list of its apps can be found over at the iTunes Store. The standard Google Search app is, of course, among them, and with its latest update, the Big G has found a novel way of utilizing Apple's coveted 3D Touch feature. 

3D Touch, for those uninitiated, is a recent brainwave of Apple's that allows users to interact in new ways through haptic taps and swipes on certain aspects of the UI. The 3D Touch tech is able to detect how hard one presses on the display, and perform different functions based on this input. For example, a user can hold down their finger on a home screen app and be greeted by an additional menu of options, rather than simply opening the app as was previously the case. 

When one long-presses the newly-updated Google app for iOS, a option entitled I'm Feeling Curious appears alongside Voice Search, Quick Search and Image Search. When tapped, I'm Feeling Curious offers a random question of potential intrigue, as well as providing an answer accompanied by related links. While the Internet has gradually descended into something of a troll-fest, the questions offered by I'm Feeling Curious attempt to be of genuine value. Rather than peddling questions and answers regarding what happened in the most popular reality TV show, you'll instead be encouraged to learn facts of interest, such as how many hairs can be found on the average person's head, or the depth of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

For those familiar, I'm Feeling Curious is itself not a new feature, and can be found through traditional Google search by simply typing in 'I'm Feeling Curious'. But if you ever find yourself wilfing through your iOS home screen in search of inspiration, Google's endless supply of facts can be readily accessed through 3D Touch. 

The latest version of Google Search can be downloaded after the jump. 

source: Google Search via The Verge
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