Google has a plan to make app updates feel faster on Android

Google has a plan to make app updates feel faster on Android
Google would like Android users to have their apps installed faster on their Android devices. 9to5Google discovered something new in the Google Play Store called "App install optimization" that would use crowdsourced information to make this happen. As Google explains, "When you turn on App install optimization, Google can tell which parts of an app you use the first time you open it after installation. When enough people do this, Google can optimize the app to install, open, and run faster for everyone." And even though crowdsourcing is used to make this work, no personal data such as your name and email address is shared.

The crowdsourced feature also "doesn’t look at anything outside of the app, such as other apps or content on your device. It also doesn’t collect information about content uploaded or downloaded in the app, such as images in a social feed, or rankings on a leaderboard." What Google does is combine your data with data from other users in order to "find trends and identify which parts of the app are most important to everyone." This information, Google says, will speed up the time it takes to install apps from Google Play, lower the amount of time it takes to open and run a particular app, and reduce the strain on your device's CPU, battery, and storage.

Let's look at an example, shall we? Let's say that after installing Instagram on your phone, you spend the first ten minutes creating your profile and finding friends. If Google discovers that most people follow the same routine when installing the app from the Play Store, Google will make sure that the first parts of Instagram that get installed from the Play Store deal with profile creation and finding friends. The story viewer and the files needed to post on the app will remain uninstalled until you try to use them or your signal gets stronger. And instead of opening the entire app into RAM at once, Your phone might load only those parts of the app you use the most lowering the amount of RAM being used while reducing the stress on your phone's processor.

Android users not happy with App install optimization will be able to opt-out of the feature although this will simply stop your data from being used in the crowdsourcing. You will still benefit from the faster install times created when other Android users' data is collected by Google. Version 25.5.13 of the Google Play Store makes a reference to the feature which means that we could see it hit the Google Play Store soon.

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