Google+ for Android gets the same updates as iOS plus more

Google+ for Android gets the same updates as iOS plus more
Yesterday, the iOS version of the Google+ app got an update which brought search and high-res photo uploads. Today, the Android version is getting the same new features plus some other extra features. It was a bit odd that iOS got the Google+ update before Android users, but it looks like Android is still the winner here.

In addition to adding a search option to the app, and support for high-res pictures, the update brings back auto-upload of video. It also makes links to profiles or posts clickable within the app, and adds options to +1 both photos and comments. A couple of the nicer features in this update are for Messenger. Now, in Messenger, you can start a chat using someone's phone number, but better is that you can see when someone is online and typing in a message, which makes it quite a bit more GTalk-like.

There are also the obligatory stability and bug fixes, and it changes the logo to the new red one, but unfortunately links still don't get posted with the full preview that you'd want.

Google+ is available for free in the Android Market.



1. jacko unregistered


2. tacohunter

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3. 530gemini

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Wow. Oh well. It wouldn't really matter. I don't know anyone who is on g+. Everyone I know only uses FB.

5. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

So this post is here because?

6. 530gemini

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To make a point as to how irrelevant G+ is :)

7. protozeloz

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If it where irrelevant then you will not be here to begin with. It matters to you to the point you actually post to begin with

4. Cwebb

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Google+ has amazingly quick updates unlike a certain other massive social network *cough*Facebook*cough**cough* Just another reason why G+ is the best, now we just need to get people to migrate quicker

9. Snakingmysolid

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It's a shame no one really seems to care though. I'm tired of Facebook's constant errors, but I still love it. However, I see people saying, "Facebook sucks nowwwww murrr i'm going to G+!", but it never happens. Or they make and account and forget about it. I personally don't see a migration any time soon.

8. acer007

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i hate face book.........the hell..........

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