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Google develops Smellovision with Nose BETA

Google develops Smellovision!
Well, obviously this one is an April Fool's prank by Google. But really, Smellovision has to be on its way, right? It is both the best and worst idea possible, but it is one that is so pervasive that eventually someone is going to develop the technology, and try to get the public to bite. Google Nose BETA follows after Google Treasure Maps, and the YouTube shutdown this year.

The idea here is the same you've seen time and again in Futurama and other flights of fancy. The internet can only give us so much, because we can only experience it visually and aurally. Now, we can experience it through scent as well. Google has developed an "Aromabase" filled with over 15 million "scentibytes" of data. 

Of course, just to avoid any unwanted results, SafeSearch is enabled by default for Google Nose (a very good idea, we must say). You can even find it integrated around Google with Street Scent, Android Ambient Odor Detection, YouTube Nosed Captions, and AdScent for Business. 

source: Google Nose

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