Google brings award-winning image editor Snapseed to Android, makes it free on iOS

Google brings award-winning image editor Snapseed to Android, makes it free on iOS
Snapseed, one of the most robust image editing applications for iPhone and iPad, has now arrived on Android, and its price on iOS was slashed from $4.99 to a sweet zero. That’s all an effect of Google having earlier acquired the makers of the application, Nik Software.

Snapseed revolves around the idea of complex image manipulations done via simple gestures. What makes the app stand out from the ever popular Instagram is exactly the complexity of manipulations and the simplicity of execution. You could apply filters on top of filters on particular parts of an image easily, a level of control you don’t have with Instagram.

Snapseed will work on both Android phones and tablets running versions later than 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And here is how Snapseed’s main man Josh Haftel explains the idea behind the application:

The app is of course fully integrated with Google+, so with a few quick and easy gesture tweaks you can throw it back at your followers on Google’s social network. And that’s a big bonus for both the network and the photographers on it.

You can download Snapseed for iPhone and iPad now in its updated free version, and while the link on Android’s Google Play is live, we guess it’d take a few more minutes to be able to actually download the app on an Android device.

source: Snapseed via Tech Crunch


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