Google acquires video editing app maker Fly Labs to integrate it with Photos: will we finally get a decent 4K video editor on Android?

There is one word to describe the state of video editing on Android: embarrassing.

The situation is particularly shameful given the fact that phones capable of recording 4K video on Android have existed ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was first released nearly two years ago. Yet, there is still no full-blown video editor that could handle them. Adding insult to the injury is Apple - the company was late to the 4K video game, but with the iPhone 6s it not only added 4K video recording with no limitations in time (Samsung's most powerful Android phones are still limited to around 5 minutes of 4K video), but also brought an updated iMovie that is nothing short of a great 4K video editor.

Google, however, seems to have finally taken notice and the big news of these days is that the search giant acquired Fly Labs, a developer studio behind some of the best iPhone video apps (Tempo, Fly and Crop).

Fly Labs also has a full blown video editor that supports 4K video - the app is called Clips and that is the one piece of the puzzle that Android is sorely missing.

After the acquisition (no financial details were made publicly available), Fly Labs' apps would still be available on the App Store, but won't receive any more updates.

Google Photos product lead David Lieb teased in a tweet: "video is uniquely powerful for reliving memories, esp when combined with the machine learning of Google Photos. Lots to come!"

source: TechCrunch


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