Google Wallet mobile payment platform to be announced today

Google Wallet mobile payment platform to be announced today
A leak from the Container Store all but confirms what Google's announcement event today will be all about. Hot on the heels of including an NFC chip in its poster Android handset, the Nexus S, Google will be launching the supporting infrastructure for mobile payments, called ingenuously Google Wallet.

As we wrote yesterday, at first the service will likely be available on Sprint's Nexus S 4G, and go live in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C., with more cities and phones to follow.

Judging from the Container Store leak, a number of retail partners have already been signed up for the trials, which require POS devices with NFC-capabilities, of the tap-and-pay kind. Here is the exact text of the Container Store's memo:

We'll know more about the exact details in just a few hours, but in the meantime you can refresh your knowledge on the various mobile payment systems in our detailed article.

source: ThisIsMyNext



2. Apple Fanboy unregistered

Typical Google, Apple talks about NFC and they "beat" Apple to it, then Apple comes and does it better :) I like to think if you're gonna do something "new" do it right the first time

5. protozeloz

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what the HELL!!!??? your comment is really retarded, Google added NFC before apple even though about it, Nexus S was released on holidays, around that time apple started seriously talking about considering NFC for next phone, so no Google is not trying to beat apple at it, they already had this planed because they try to innovate

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