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Google Voice says hello to the public

Google Voice says hello to the public
No longer limited to private invitations or students, Google Voice is now open to the public for just about anyone to experience. Google announced today, after over a year of testing and tweaking, that Google Voice is being taken to the next level by moving it out of an invite process and into the mainstream publicly. Individuals out there can experience all of the neat features that accompany Google Voice directly on most handsets – like checking out your text messages, voice mails, receiving notifications, and even make phone calls. Naturally it clearly benefits those individuals out there that have to juggle around multiple phones on a daily basis. All your voice mails and messages can be linked to your Google Voice account so you can access all of your notifications over the web or on any web enabled device. If you haven't downloaded it yet, head on over to Google's site and experience it first hand.

source: Google


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