Google Trips update makes travel planning much easier

Google Trips update makes travel planning much easier
Two years after launching Trips on Android and iOS, Google is bringing some major features to the app, which should make travel planning effortless. Just so you know, all the new features announced today, will be rolled out to Google Trips users in October.

The first improvement that should help Google Trips users with additional travel info after booking flights or hotel rooms is suggestions in Google Search. Once you receive flight or hotel booking confirmations in Gmail, you'll receive further customized travel recommendations in organic search results on Google.

For example, if you've already booked a flight to a city and you're searching for it, you'll be shown various info like hotel prices, weather, and events.

Moreover, if you want to plan a trip to a city, Google Trips will show you information in Your Trips like flight prices, destination-specific flight and hotel searches, as well as places you've saved. The Your Trips tab can be found in the Google Flights or Hotels on your phone.

Speaking of Google Flights, the app will soon show users whether a flight price is higher or lower than usual in a specific timeframe like December holidays (Christmas and New Year's). The app will also notify you if prices won't drop or if they're likely to rise in the next five days.

source: Google


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1. fbarousse

Posts: 5; Member since: Nov 30, 2016

Google Trips has a huge bug somewhere...related to bandwidth usage. It has happened to me a couple of times with Google Trips that my whole monthly available bandwidth is used and wasted by Google Trips, in a matter of hours, (during night time, for instance) downloading stuff, even tough I have had explicitly set on the app settings not to do updates or use background data connection nor to download stuff. Google Trips seems to NOT honor this settings and goes ahead downloading info from the net and exhausting the 3G/4G bandwidth. This has happened to me in several Android phones, various times and each and every time the app that used the net resources was Google Trips and no other. Uninstalled the app and things get back to normal . Watch out !

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