Google Play adding app size and download count in search results

Google Play adding app size and download count in search results
Choosing an app is sometimes an easy, sometimes a bit more complicated task, and Google is now making sure to save you one or two additional taps. Android Police reports that now, Google Play Store will be displaying additional information directly in its search results.

Reportedly, Google is going to include app size and download count alongside an app’s info in the search results. Previously, we could only check an app’s rating, category and developer and we weren’t able to see app size or download count in the list of apps, for this we had to go into the app.

Understandably, such details are available only for apps that we don’t have installed. Unfortunately, an app’s size may be a feature exclusive for certain regions for now.

The update seems to be minor, but it may save us taps and therefore prove to be useful, when searching for an app and determining its popularity just from the search results, or maybe when trying to decide whether or not you want to download a bigger app using just mobile data. It’s important to note that this is a server-side update, so there is no option to manually install it and if you don’t have it yet, you will just have to wait for it.


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