To prevent Android users from getting confused, Google is asking app developers to do one thing

To prevent Android users from getting confused, Google is asking app developers to do one thing
Starting next month, videos found on a Google Play Store listing will start playing automatically. According to Google's Play Console Help page (via Android Police), videos preceded by ads will not be allowed; developers will have until November 1st to turn off the monetization setting or upload another version of the video that doesn't contain an advertisement. Why? As Google says, "When users browse Google Play, we want them to see your app, not someone else’s ad."

YouTube is the source of the videos that appear in the Google Play Store, and these videos show ads just like most YouTube videos do. Google says that Google Play Store users might get confused if they see an ad play before a video about an app starts to run. So to reiterate, starting on November 1st, it will no longer allow monetized videos to appear on its Android app storefront.

YouTube recently started auto-playing videos found in the subscription tab but does include a toggle switch allowing users to disable the feature. And speaking of YouTube, the videos that automatically play in the Google Play Store will be muted just like they are on Google's video streaming site. Still, this is a good way for developers to attract attention to their Play Store listing; a video clip surely catches the attention of Play Store browsers more than a still photo does.



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With a headline like that, I expect some jokes. Come on, guys!

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