Google Pixel 5 reportedly suffers from volume control bug for some users

Google Pixel 5 reportedly suffers from volume control bug for some users
Users have been complaining recently about an issue affecting the new Pixel 5: reportedly, there is a problem with the sound controls on the phone. Android Central reports that the volume of their phone randomly lowers when they’re watching videos. Users have been signaling the issues on the Google Pixel support forum.

Apparently, there are two aspects of the problem: first off, the volume would go low, drop randomly when users are watching videos. The second aspect of the issue is related to the system sounds, which, for some affected users, get uncomfortably loud, despite being set to the lowest setting. System sounds include the camera shutter sound, the dial tone, and, among others, the sound of taking a screenshot.

Additionally, users report that the volume sliders don’t resolve the issue and despite their adjustments, the system sounds remain loud unless it’s set to vibration or silent mode.

On Reddit, Pixel 5 owners have been complaining about the issue since October 17th. However, they have yet to have received a possible solution from Google. This week, a Google representative addressed the issue, explaining that the settings for ringtones and notifications are tied together, and changing the volume on one of those affects both.

The representative also states that they will work to improve the settings, apparently in a future software update for the Pixel 5.

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