An all-screen Google Pixel 4? Latest patent hints at possibility

The Google Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 3 XL is far from what many would consider an edge-to-edge. The Google Pixel Ultra, on the other hand, turned out to be just a bunch of rumors. But now, as revealed by a newly-granted patent, it seems the internet giant may finally be working on its first all-screen smartphone.

Taking a look at the sketches, the device described replaces Google’s typically-large bezels and stereo speaker setup with an edge-to-edge panel that features non-existent side bezels, no chin and, more impressively, no notch. This would suggest the internet giant is toying with the idea of multiple under-display sensors such as the front-facing camera – no slidable mechanism appears to be present either.

Over on the rear, the smartphone in question retains the single-camera setup and dual-tone construction which Google has become known for. In fact, the device’s rear design appears to have been based on 2017’s Google Pixel 2 XL, thus indicating that the original patent was filed prior to the Pixel 3’s arrival. Unsurprisingly, no internal characteristics are mentioned.

As this is simply a patent at the moment there’s no guarantee Google will ever produce an all-screen smartphone such as this one. Nevertheless, the filing does suggest that the idea is on the table. So, perhaps the Google Pixel 4 will be the all-screen flagship everyone has been waiting for.

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