Google Photos for iOS updated with Motion Stills digital stabilization

Google has updated the iOS version of Google Photos to support the type of image stabilization found in its Motion Stills app, turning shaky Live Photos into smooth short clips that can be exported as either a movie or in GIF format for easier sharing across devices.

Google's Motion Stills allows iOS users to edit their Live Photos in a number of ways, such as freezing the background while allowing for moving elements in the foreground, or digitally stabilizing shaky camera footage. These sort of edits can now be done via the main Google Photos app, without the need for downloading a second one, which is neat from a storage- and- desktop-clutter-conscious perspective. What that means for the future of separate Motions Stills app, remains unknown, however.

Google Photos 2.0 also adds a feature easier sharing of clips directly to YouTube, as well as two ways of sorting photos in albums – either chronologically or by “recently added”.

You can get Google Photos for free, by following the link below:

source: Apple App Store via MacRumors


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