Google Maps new UI and icons make it easier to use

Google Maps new UI and icons make it easier to use
Google Maps is getting a new UI and some fresh icons. A change is coming to the driving, navigation, transit and explore maps that will allow each section to focus on what is important to users looks at the specific category. For example, you might see a focus on gas stations in the navigation map, and train stations under transit. This way, you won't be overwhelmed with information that doesn't matter to you.

In addition, Google Maps will have a new color scheme and new icons to help you quickly identify certain places of interest. If you need a hospital quickly, knowing the icon and color that represents a hospital could come in handy. For the caffeine addicted, Food & Drink locations will feature an orange coffee cup icon. You can look for that when your coffee cravings get bad.
Check out the new color code by clicking on the slideshow below. You might want to print it out, cut it out, memorize it, and swallow it. The slideshow also includes the new icons and examples of the new UI. The changes will show up over the next few weeks in Google Maps and other apps that use it, including Google Assistant, Earth, Search and Android Auto.

source: Google

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