Google Maps Go hits 10 million installs hinting that Go handsets have 1.5% of the Android market

Google Maps Go hits 10 million installs hinting that Go handsets have 1.5% of the Android market
Android Go is a special lite version of Google's mobile OS designed for entry-level phones carrying 1GB or even 512MB of RAM. The Android Go ecosystem includes a number of Google apps that work on the Android Go platform, and all are titles that regular Android users would be familiar with including Google, Gmail, Maps, and even Google Assistant.

Google Go, the lightweight version of the search tool, recently hit the 10 million installations mark. And now, that figure has been achieved by Google Maps Go. Considering that these two apps are cornerstones of the Android platform and are utilized often, it would seem to indicate that over 10 million Android One handsets have been sold. But it is quite possible that owners of non Android Go phones also account for some of these installations.

Google Go ships with all Android Go handsets, and Maps Go hit the 10 million mark just a couple of weeks after Google Go did. So we could assume that the 10 million mark is the top of the actual sales range for Android Go phones. According to Statista, approximately 329 million Android handsets were sold in both Q1 and Q2 giving Android Go a rough 1.5% share of the Android market.

Google hopes that Android Go increases the demand for lower priced Android phones in economically challenged countries. In addition, those moving from a feature phone to an Android Go handset will get familiar with the Android platform. Google hopes that these are consumers who get so used to the operating system that they continue to seek out Android handsets once they can afford more expensive phones.


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