Google Glass censors bad language, can already be controlled with a wink

Google Glass
Google Glass, as creepy of a gadget as it may be, is surely coming to the mass market within a year or so. In the meantime, developers are busy making the thing actually useful for things like reading the news or sending out a tweet. These early adopters are also now discovering the peculiarities of Google Glass, and one of them turns out to be its built-in filtering of foul language.

In fact, it is being reported that Google Glass will censor bad words when entering text using the speech-to-text method, and there doesn't seem to be a way of turning the restriction off. So for example if you're trying to send a text message containing inappropriate verbiage, the swear words will be modified automatically by the software. Not that a filter like that is necessarily a bad thing. After all, it would prevent you from cursing by accident in case the speech-to-text engine happen to misinterpret your input. But it would probably have a hard time recognizing, ahem, totally appropriate names, such as "Mike Oxlong" and the likes. 

In other news related to Google Glass, it is now possible to control the device with the blink of an eye, much like that piece of code suggested that doing so will be possible. But you'll need an app for that – the Winky app that developer Mike DiGiovanni made and released for other Google Glass owners to try. A longer wink is required to trigger the command, presumably to prevent the camera from taking a photo unintentionally. In case you're adventurous enough to own a Google Glass, take a look at Mike's Google+ page to learn more about Winky.

source: Geek, Mike DiGiovanni (Google+) via Gizmodo

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