Google Assistant update adds more ways to improve accuracy

Google Assistant update adds more ways to improve accuracy
Google is making it easier for users to set up their personal digital assistants using Voice Match, a feature that teaches Googles Assistant to recognize a voice. With the latest update, you'll be able to set up Voice Match to let Google Assistant prompt you to say full phrases rather than the usual hotword “Hey Google.”

It will allow Google Assistant to identify your voice with more accuracy than before. In order for that to happen, Voice Match will now ask you to say phrases like “Hey Google, play my workout playlist,” which will allow it to better identify the speaker.

Moreover, Voice Match now allows you to link up to six people to a single Google Assistant account, each receiving personalized results when using the device. That's just one new feature that will allow Google Assistant users to fine-tune their personal digital assistant.
Another one would be the option to adjust how sensitive Google Assistant is to the environment because that can affect its responsiveness to the hotword. This is especially important since Google Assistant can accidentally be enabled if it hears something similar to “Hey Google” in a noisy environment.

In the coming weeks, Google will roll out a new option that will allow users to adjust the sensitivity of smart speakers and smart displays to the hotword. The new option should appear in the Google Home app as well, but it will only support the English language with more to follow.

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