Google Assistant and Siri fails: 20 instances when our smart assistants were not that smart at all


Apple's Siri and the Google Assistant are two of the more popular chatty virtual smart assistant out there. The former's available on any iPhone since the 4s, whereas the latter is pre-loaded and available on Google's new Pixel devices, though you can also use a certain portion of its features by chatting with it in Google's Allo app. 

 Both assistants are proactive assistants that are able to conversate with you on the base level, though they are still a far cry from being those smart AI assistant we've seen in kits if popular movies and TV shows.

Jarvis, HAL 9000, and Data are still the apex AI predators to beat!

There's still a long way to go for Siri and El Goog's Assistant before they can truly name themselves "smart assistants". Often, neither of these are the sharpest tools in their respective sheds and either misunderstand us, interpret our queries incorrectly, or respond in the funniest ways possible. Sometimes, a combination of all these takes place and hilarity ensues.

Here are a bunch of fails that will probably make you smile, laugh, or at least loudly exhale through your nose. Let's start with Google's Assistant and witness some of its more embarrassing and funny moments.

Next up, we've got Apple's Siri, which has the advantage of being more experienced and available on way more devices than the Google Assistant. While normally a relatively able-bodied conversation peer, Siri sometimes mixes things up which leads to hilarious results.

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