Google Allo passes 5 million downloads on Android


Despite a fair amount of skepticism, the rise of Google Allo continues. Of course, a new chat app from a company like Google was always going to generate downloads, and on Android alone, has now garnered more than five million. The IM app rolled out last week and within a short space of time, managed to chalk up more than a million downloads. Now, seemingly more quickly than its video-focused Duo counterpart, it's up to five. 

Google is a machine with more than a little influence who does what in this Digital Age. Whether it be through YouTube, Android, Search, Maps, Mail or any of the numerous other Big G ventures, the company can reach anyone with an internet connection. Given its expertise and leverage, it should be easy for the firm to whip up a chat app of Facebook Messenger, iMessage or WhatsApp status, right?

Well, not exactly. For all of its clout, Allo doesn't look to be the killer service that drew such attention at I/O. Concerns over privacy, and how the new AI Assistant feature collects data to do its thing, have not helped. But putting those issues to one side, Google faces an uphill battle to keep Allo and Duo relevant in a crowded market where most consumers already have their designated apps. 

Five million downloads is five million downloads, and if you factor in iOS, the number currently using the service may be higher. But with Facebook Messenger at over 800 million active users and WhatsApp at upwards of one billion, its hard to see how Allo can mount a legitimate challenge. 

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