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Google ADmented reality mocks Project Glass, shows you a "more realistic" future

Posted: , posted by Victor H.

Google ADmented reality mocks Project Glass, shows you a
If until yesterday, glasses with the whole Internet in them seemed like the future, today that seems so close to reality you could already imagine your new augmented reality. Or should we say ADmented reality? We know users probably don’t like thinking about how brands monetize their products, but for Google, ads should be in the core.

So in a couple of years time, when you (hopefully!) sport those new Project Glass shades, get ready for ads, a lot of ads. Well, at least if we believe this brilliant “slightly more realistic version of Google’s augmented reality glasses.”

What makes it even funnier is that all the ads are real. That is, if you are currently in a similar situation that’s what Google would try to sell you! Hilariously, if you look up “Music, stop” an ad would indeed ask you if you want to listen to music! Check this out for a good laugh, and let us know how far (or close) you think this vision of Project Glass is from our futuristic reality.

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