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Good news! Your cell phone (might) not give you cancer!

Good news! Your cell phone (might) not give you cancer!
Good news, everyone! A study in Denmark has shown that whether you use a cell phone or not, you're equally as likely to develop cancer. Wait a minute, let's brighten that up so as not to depress our readership. A study in Denmark has shown that using a cell phone won't give you cancer! 

The study, by the Danish Center for Cancer and Epidemiology, was conducted over the course of 18 years, using a group of 358,403 mobile phone users. It found 356 gliomas (a type of brain cancer) and 846 cancers of the central nervous system, which lands in the same incidence rate as those who didn't use mobile phones. Even in the group of super users (those with a mobile for 13+ years) the rate was no higher for cancer. 

Despite this and other studies which have come to similar conclusions, the World Health Organization has categorized cell phones along with coffee in the category of items with which a link to cancer could neither be proved or disproved. So, we can rest a little easier knowing that it's looking less likely that cell phones will give us cancer, though it's still probably best to use a hands-free device when driving. 

source: BBC

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