Go home, home button: biometric sensors can now be embedded directly in phone displays

Go home, home button: biometric sensors can now be embedded directly in phone displays
The Korean biometric juggernaut CrucialTek has just scored a patent approval of its embedded fingerprint sensing technology that can be installed within a touchscreen package itself. A similar tech was rumored for Samsung's Galaxy line, but it never materialized in the S5 or Note 4, and, from the looks of it, it won't be in the S6, too.

After CrucialTek's patent victory lap, though, we can reasonably expect future smartphones from Korea to come with the finger scanning embedded in an area on the display panel itself, instead of wasting space as scanner or touch-based fingerprint readers in the home button. This would pave the way for phones with biometric scanning that don't need to have huge bottom bezels in order to accommodate said sensors - looking at you, iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5

Apple patented a similar tech recently, so hopes are high we might finally get rid of those huge home button abominations on big-screen phones, and have a more favorable screen-to-phone ration on biometrics-laden handsets.

source: KoreaHerald



1. XperiaFanZone

Posts: 2280; Member since: Sep 21, 2012

I was thinking that someone might have came up with a patent exactly like that. But still, I'd never use such scanners, let alone sacrifice the size of bezel for it.

4. vincelongman

Posts: 5810; Member since: Feb 10, 2013

They are very useful IMO, even though my Nexus 5 and iPad Mini 2 dont have them If they can embed them in the display then they wouldn't waste space on the bezel

8. buccob

Posts: 2981; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

Very true, it was the thing that I missed the most after I switched from my Moto Atrix. I don't really like how Samsung implemented, the one on iDevices is the best currently but the location was better on the Atrix. Sony doesn't use them BUT I do like that they implemented Bluetooth Unlock natively... I use it with my car stereo and it's awesome

2. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012

That's innovative.

3. danielxxi

Posts: 183; Member since: Feb 13, 2013

Sony has patented this almost 3 years ago....

7. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

CrucialTec filed this patent in 2012, but recently made it technological possible as well. There is a big difference in filing a patent and actually creating the tech that works.

11. Neros

Posts: 1016; Member since: Dec 19, 2014

I think that apple knows sth about that. Most of their patents are based on general ideas of how a particular solution should work.

12. danielxxi

Posts: 183; Member since: Feb 13, 2013

It was not their technology but Swedish biometrics manufacturer Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC)

9. grahaman27

Posts: 364; Member since: Apr 05, 2013

And Motorola... Which means google now has the patent.

14. neela_akaash

Posts: 1239; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

Motorola is now owned by Lenovo...

15. archit6371

Posts: 15; Member since: Nov 06, 2014

Dude.. A little correction. Google kept motorola patents to themselves. Those weren't sold to Lenovo. Just like Project Ara.

5. JMartin22

Posts: 2415; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

That's the Galaxy S III form factor. It looks so dated now lol. But even if biometrics got built into the digitizer of the display panel, I would rather have a physical key over those unpractical onscreen buttons any day.

6. android_hitman unregistered

Galaxy S5 doesn't have it already?

10. grahaman27

Posts: 364; Member since: Apr 05, 2013

Patents mean nothing, if you can think up something you think might work, you can patent it. I want this too, but don't get your hopes up.

13. cripton805

Posts: 1485; Member since: Mar 18, 2012

I wouldn't doubt that either Apple buys this company or sues them. Then when Apple comes out with the product, some people will praise Apple for innovating and give all of the credit to Apple. Mmmm. Can history repeat itself here?

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