Glimpse of the HTC Pure can be seen suited up with cases

Glimpse of the HTC Pure can be seen suited up with cases
After hearing news about three smoking hot AT&T smartphones yesterday, it was only time before we got to see a glimpse of one – the HTC Pure. Normally, it would be either a blurry image taken by a phone's camera or a highly detailed shot from a decent digital camera, but we're greeted to something unexpected. HTCpedia recently showed the variant of the HTC Diamond 2 on their site being modeled with cases. You can vaguely see the outlines of the phone, but it's clearly being hindered by being suited up with these colorful cases. One thing is for sure though, the slot for the stylus can be found on the bottom right side of the phone – and you can kinda make out the four hardware buttons on the front. For now, these images will be the closest thing to photos taken of the Windows Mobile powered phone – so we'll take it as well as the $149.99 price point we've heard.

AT&T Touch Diamond2 Preliminary Specifications | HTC Touch Diamond2 Review (EU)

source: HTCpedia


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