Gigabyte plans a slow and steady 2014 with up to 500,000 smartphone shipments and first wearable devices

Gigabyte plans a slow and steady 2014 with up to 500,000 smartphone shipments and first wearable devices

According to a report by the DigiTimes, renowned computer hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has primed its engines to push up to 500,000 smartphones of its own brand on the market this year. The maker will deliver more than ten new Android smartphones, utilizing processors by MediaTek and Qualcomm. Some of them will offer LTE as well. However, the company's handset business targets mainly the Asian and European markets, so most of these smartphones will end up in those parts of the world.

Compared to the millions of devices that most manufacturers target, such a figure is tiny. But the smartphone business is incredibly saturated and difficult to compete in, which makes Taiwan-based Gigabyte's decision seem cautious, but reasonable. As appetite comes with eating, perhaps the now unpretentious maker will eventually discover the ambition to compete on a larger scale. Although they have kinks to be ironed out, so far Gigabyte's GSmart smartphones have provided decent value for the money.

Additionally, the company is preparing new handset accessories and companion wearable devices, including smart-watches and bracelets. According to Gigabyte Communications, as reported by DigiTimes, they will be made to match leading international vendors' smartphones, and will be sold under the company's own brand.

source: DigiTimes


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Gigabyte makes excellent PC mother boards, lets see them keep the tradition going. They would be like a Foxx Con except Gigabyte made way better products than FoxxCon ever did. In the PC arena FoxxCon mother boards sucked when compared to Asus, and Gigabyte!

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