German company creates skin-detection technology for better mobile security

German company creates skin-detection technology for better mobile security
We are now seeing more phones using facial recognition as a form of security. However, some implementations of the facial recognition option are not unbreakable. BBC News is shining the light on a German software company, called trinamiX, which has created a new piece of technology that scans and detects skin, and is able to distinguish between real skin and for example, plastic skin.

Actually, their technology, called Beam Profile Analysis, can differentiate between different materials, to determine whether it is living skin or a silicone mask, wood or plastic, among other options. trinamiX states that this is one step beyond current smartphones. The technology emits a grid of light dots which it then scans, in order to analyze the way the light is reflected by objects, and the difference in its reflection from different materials. That analysis is what helps them differentiate between different materials and surfaces. It’s important to note that every beam is individually analysed by their algorithm.

In consequence, trinamiX’s creation doesn’t only recognise skin, at this point it distinguishes fewer than 100 different materials. Additionally, it works with all skin colors, given the fact that the skin of all humans has the same light reflective probabilities, regardless of color. Also, the company adds that their technology works in different lighting conditions - even in a dark room.

The company has partnered with Qualcomm in order to work towards integrating this feature in future smartphones. Their technology, however, is not limited only to the smartphone market’s use, it can also be used for industrial applications, such as bin picking in robotics.


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