Gallery: AT&T's rugged Samsung SGH-A837

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Gallery: AT&T's rugged Samsung SGH-A837
The first live photos of this one leaked in the end of August, but it is not yet officially announced, expected to be released later this month. The Samsung SGH-A837 should be AT&T’s answer to the rugged phones that Verizon Wireless and Sprint offer, including the Boulder, the Adventure, Renegade, PRO-700 and others. It is said to be a 3G-capable handset with 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Push-to-Talk and to be able to survive the daily beating.

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1. unregistered

Finally! I work at AT&T and we needed this one..

6. unregistered

Just spoke with At&T rep...this will be in stores on MONDAY, 9/15!

2. unregistered

You need a better network first

5. unregistered

network works for me

7. unregistered

never had a problem!

3. unregistered

its about time!

4. unregistered

dont look very rugged, the renegade now that phone can take a beating

8. unregistered

Its coming Sept. 16th!

9. unregistered

Your ridiculous if you think we need a better network, obviously you havent researhced how many towers we have in comparison to say verizon. 60,000 to 30,000. Still now that we have this its over for sprint.

10. EX-NEXTEL/SPRINT USER unregistered

As a former Nextel / Sprint user I can honestly say that the Cingular/ATT network is 110% better than Sprint. The Nextel service went from good to really bad when Sprint took over. I understand the basics of how providers work but their service and signal went bad all around.

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