Samsung's a837 can take a beating

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Samsung's a837 can take a beating
Once limited to Nextel, rugged devices are starting to make their way to the general public and AT&T appears poised to offer the Military Spec Samsung a837. Specs are awfully similar to the z400 for Sprint and Boulder for VZW: the a837 will be a PTT device with a 1.3 megapixel camera, GPS and Bluetooth. Look for it to land in the upcoming weeks and check out the link for more pictures.

source: BGR



1. stuntz unregistered

At&t push to talk sucks. This device doesnt look to bad.

2. unregistered

us cellular needs some major upgrades and mili spec. phones, like this :(

3. unregistered

US Cellular needs to realize they are a sinking ship and sell to a carrier that provide real service, I.E. VZW or AT&T. I don't even know what digital technology they use.

4. unregistered

cdma... so vzw

5. stuntz unregistered

wow a cdma carried that vzw isnt trying to buy?

6. C-Chicki unregistered

Its shocking isnt it.

7. Darty unregistered

i'm an att employee and yall need some learnin! att ptt is amazing first of all. it kicks nextell's butt. everybody is always sayin how att sucks. we're the largest communications network in america and the largest Telocommunications in the World!

8. Puffernut unregistered

Easy there Darty! Me too, but let's not get militant about our PTT. It's... fair I'll say.

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