Casio G'zOne Boulder Review

Casio G'zOne Boulder Review
This is a CDMA phone offered with Verizon.

The G’zOne series of phones are unlike any other found in the U.S. market, and the new Boulder steps up the game. Known for their rugged nature- the phone meets Mil Spec 810F standards for water, shock and dust- the Boulder brings new innovations like a digital compass and flashlight feature that would provide useful to the outdoors crowd. It also runs over Verizon’s EVDO Rev. A network, and along with the Motorola Adventure launches their second generation Push-to-Talk service.

Included in the box you’ll find:

  • 800mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • AC Adapter with charging cradle
  • Splitter for 2.5mm headset and charging
  • Customizable ring
  • Device lock tool


The G’zOne line has never been known for its size, but the Boulder does a good job of becoming a bit more compact. Gone is the unsightly antenna, and the phone dips below the 1” mark in thickness.

You can compare the Casio G'zOne Boulder with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

It comes in two color variations: orange with black accents and black with silver accents. It has a somewhat pointed design, almost reminiscent of the faceting on the Touch Diamond, that gives the phone a very masculine look. With the flip closed the front features a large circular white-on-black display that is easy to see in any sunlight. The display is outlined by a removable ring: the orange version has silver and black rings and the black version has black and red. Above it is the 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, which is up from VGA on the Type-S, but still not the 2.0 originally found on the Type-V. The black version is available also in a camera-less variant. The front and back housings are held on by visible torque screws that enhance the bold appearance.

The left side features a small PTT key near the top, with a volume rocker and multi-function key below. When the flip is closed the key activates the compass with a press and hold. When opened a press initiates voice command and press and hold records a voice note. The right side is button-less, and has only the covered microSD slot at the top. On the bottom the charging/data/headset port is covered to ensure water resistance. The back of the phone features a locking mechanism that holds the battery in place. Flanking the lock are speaker cutouts, though only the one on the right is functional.

Opening the flip reveals a small but crisp 2” QVGA display. The display is only 65K colors, but images look sharp on it. The five way directional pad has two keys to each side; soft keys sitting atop the camera key and speakerphone/flashlight key to the left and right, respectively. The keys are backlight in a reddish orange color that looks much better on the black keypad of the orange unit than the silver keypad of the black. They aren’t terrible, but are very soft feeling and we would have preferred a more definite feedback when pressed.

As you’d expect from a Mil Spec phone the Boulder is built to the highest quality. Though constructed of plastic, the fit and finish are excellent and we have no misgivings about the phone’s long-term durability. The overall in-hand feel is pretty good, though it is a bit on the thick side. The black of the black and silver version is soft touch paint, which makes for a much better feel than the hard plastic found on the orange variant. The internal antenna makes the phone feel a lot smaller than previous G’zOne iterations, and it is indeed lighter this time around. With the bold design lines we prefer the orange version aesthetically; black and silver just look too plain for a phone of this nature.



1. unregistered

thanks! although it doesnt look as a good phone being so rugged is so coool!

19. unregistered

yeah rugged is cool your right..but would you rather have a phone you need to charge everyday maybe even several times during that same day or one that isnt water proof but holds batterylife more than 2.5 hours talk time.and if you want to use the compass or stop watch forget about making calls for the rest of the everyone else i was attracted to all the features of this phone.which actually suck and make me doubt the claims...i took this thing out in driving rain..just because i could...three days later i was at verizon getting a replacement because the previous one had gone awry..similar to other phones not water proof i had dropped in some sort of moisture. non speaker phone calls are bascially unreadable and speaker phone is rather ineffective unless you cup your hand around the speaker to help reverberate the sound. PTT is comparable to nextell even tho ive never had the service myself i know many people who have, and from what i can hear it is conclusion i give this phone a 3 out of 10, if youd rather sacrafice every aspect of a phone being considered good for the lame fact its water proof, if not find yourself a different phone..i know i am

2. unregistered

exept vzw's evdo/rev A service is many times larger than nextels total coverage, where even in flat florida (where revA is 100% of coverage), nextell still has major dead spots/zones/citys. There is a software update availible (OTA Download) for the boulder that fixes the voice issues and some of the PTT drop issues. If you dont need the waterproof, the moto Adventure seems to be a better overal phone for voice/battery/ and PTT. Its still ruggedized, just not waterproof. Companies are leaving in droves and getting off of Nextels shabby service and grabbing the PTT on verizon. Most companies only talk to their own emp's on PTT. And in the end, PTT may still be slightly better on nextel, but the overall quality is horrible, especially if you just want to make a call.

7. VZWGuy22 unregistered

as a former sprint nee nextel employee and a current vzw one, i can tell you that companies are not leaving nextel, in droves or otherwise. they most definitely do not just talk to their own employees, ptt is like a blue collar business subculture. also, the service is terrible. i dont know why we keep putting out ptt solutions, as the review said as long as nextel is in business no one else will ever be successful with ptt

8. vzwemp unregistered

i work here in FL, and companies are jumping the nextell ship as fast as they can. Heck, they were trying to do it long before the new VZPTT, but couldnt get rid of the service. its sad that in a major city like jacksonville, that they cant even keep service in large parts of the city. No, its not as solid as nextell's ptt, as its their only service of value. The software update on the boulder fixes some of the sound/ptt issues. Its not the service, its the phone. Again, the moto750 has much better call quality and less issues, but lacks the waterproofing.

12. VZWGuy22 unregistered

im glad youre drinking the kool aid, but the service is terrible. i was there when ptt launched, i was then with nextel, and now im back when its relaunched on vzw and its just as awful as ever. ive used the adventure much more than the boulder, and its still unacceptable. that fact that were charging people an extra five bucks for this is laughable. we should be paying them to use it.

16. sprintbeast unregistered

You don't gave a full grasp of what you are attempting to comment on. I am feeling your loyal to vz but you need an unbiased opinion. Check out the bottom of this article from this website

17. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

Actually my father still maintains his contract with Nextel and I still retain one of their phones along with my Alltel and AT&T. I live in Jacksonville and I used to live in St.Augustine. Jacksonville was never much of an issue with me. St.Augustine though had NO service in so many parts. I couldnt even use my phone within 5 miles of my house. It was horid. Westside I never had a problem, neither did I in the South and Northside. Where are these major gasps in Jacksonville you are talking about?

3. unregistered

is it really that bad? this phone looked very attractive to me.

11. unregistered

I feel like the reviewer has a vzw chip in his shoulder to be honest...

4. M unregistered

I wish they'd release a GSM version of this handset, the only couple of rugged handsets available don't look as nice as this one!

5. unregistered

It sounds much worse than they're admitting here. It is the worst-sounding phone I've ever used -- and I've had cellphone with Verizon for nine years.

21. SportBarbie unregistered

Agreed. I have always had Motorolas and been very happy. Even washed my startac and it kept working. Left it in the rain and it kept working. The Casio sound (receiving only) is so bad I couldn't understand any of my voice mail or home messages and half the words from friends. I tried it in two very different states and in extremely varying conditions (mountain, ocean, city, etc) and it was consistently bad. The update (OTA) was not available but I am curious whether it worked or not. I would recommend this phone 100% if only the receiving sound was understandable. For active people, it is PERFECT ~ except they don't take into account the large growing number of females who would like a phone like this that doesn't look like they borrowed it from their boyfriend. Waiting patiently for the 4th generation.

6. unregistered

How many ptt subs does v have, reading this review doesn't put thier service in a good light seems rather dim if you ask me

9. unregistered

To post 8, do you really think companies that leave will stay if the ptt works like the review says with only 2 1/2 phones, only vzw to communicate with and sub par service. When Sprint finalizes group and international there will be nothing else to be said

10. WHaaa? unregistered

All that is meaningless when the company is on its deathbead. They will leave because they do not want to sign another 2 years with a bloated corpse.

15. sprintbeast unregistered

"company on its deathbed"??? Sprint generates billions in revenue! You vz buttboys are incredible. Sprint will be around for a long time, probably longer than vz's push-to-wait service.

13. unregistered

VZWGuy22, I never thought I would see a post that wasn't opinionated or biased towards the red in some way, very refreshing I must say

14. unregistered

Clarifying the last statement, post by red subs or employees

18. g'zone boulder unregistered

don't buy this phone if you enjoying hearing the people youre talking to. call quality is horrible

20. unregistered

The software update improved the call quality enough that I was happy upgrading to this phone. The call quality isn't as good as my LG Dare or any of my Motorolas, but it will hold a call where the Dare wouldn't. I also get 2-3 days out of a battery charge but I admittedly don't talk on the phone that much. Plus, I find the charging it with the cradle on the night stand is very convenient. I remember when all cell phones came with a charging cradle and have missed this feature on every phone I've had until this one. If you haven't tried this phone since the update, give it another shot- I'm glad I did.

22. unregistered

I've had this phone for a few weeks now and don't have any idea what people are talking about with battery issues. This phone was issued as a work phone for travel and emergencies, therefore I'm not talking on it much if at all. I finally put it back on the charger today after 10 days of stand by. If you are a 13 year old girl that texts all day and talks all night, this is probably not the phone for you. If you need this to make the occassional call when you need it, it should do fine. It doesn't sound much different than my other Verizon LG phone. If you turn the speaker down to a normal volume, there is no problem with the sound. I did notice it being a bit tinny when it was the volume was too high. I was skeptical about this phone when I was first issued it based on most of the reviews that I read, but have come to realize that most people don't make honest observations and just jump on the bandwagon whatever it may be. I've also noticed that Verizon is now completely sold out of all makes of this phone. Must not be that bad!

23. unregistered

Alright. I got this phone because I needed a new one. All you ever hear is people complaining about how poor the sound quality is. It really isn't that bad!!! I have a small amount of trouble hearing others when I'm in a noisy environment (slightly worse than my Samsung slider I had), but under 95% of the conditions that I'm in I can hear other people just fine. The sound quality is somewhat distorted when the earpiece is turned up really high, but once again, under most conditions I barely have it turned up halfway and I can hear just fine. Battery... I talk approx 30min a day on this phone. I spend 12hrs a day in the field at work where the signal reception is poor. This phone does just as good as others for signal strength. So with the 0-2 bars I do get, I still have 3/4 battery power. Just make sure the PTT feature is turned off. The compass works great when your not next to anything, or it can easily be off as much as 90* (if not more). The flashlight is handy (for me anyway) and doesn't drain the battery quickly. I wish the ringer was a little louder, and the vibrate makes more noise than it actually vibrates the phone. So, there is something to work on for the next generation... Would I recommend it? Yeah. Why not... If you don't like it, you can return it to Verizon within a month of purchase.

24. stream6 unregistered

I have been reading all the bad CRAP posted on here regarding the gzone boulder phone and I can tell you it is CRAP---I have 2 of these phones and they are the best cell phones I have ever owned. Both batteries will last approx a week and the sound is superb for a cell phone. I have not found one thing bad to say about this phone--it is rugged and sounds great. I can tell you from experience there is just a bunch of people here that probably dont like gold because it is yellow--grow up people and get a life or maybe a job--and leave the honest cell users alone

25. drock unregistered

i have the boulder and have never once had an issue with it, although mine is refurbished, maybe they worked out the issues,.....the call clarity is great, it is extremely water proof, and rugged, battery last for several days with moderate talking,...( and hour or two a day) i have owned samsung, motorola, lg,, sony, etc. phones,...this is my first casio,....but i love it. i do alot of fishing and always seem to get my phone wet,...ive been through nine in the past two years due to either water or dropping them,.......this phone is not only tough, but you can submerge it in water and receive a cal,...pick it out of the water and answer it. and when i say submerge, talking about 5 or ten minutes,....not seconds. granted, most of these reviews are from 2008, and i just got mine in 2011, and it is refurbished, so maybe they finally worked the bugs out,....not many frills or thrills, but for an outdoorsman in work and play, who just needs a phone to talk on, and a camera to take pics of the big fish,....its awesome.
G'zOne Boulder
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 1050 mAh(3.56h talk time)

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