Galaxy S9 design seemingly revealed by Samsung itself in the latest update for Soundcamp


What a year it's been for smartphone leaks, eh? The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were leaked pretty much in full before they were unveiled, then the Note 8 followed suit, and the Pixel 2 and iPhone X weren't spared either. But the year's not over yet, and we've been hit with a torrent of leaks revealing a ton of new info about the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+! And they are two to three months away from being officially revealed!

Surprisingly enough, however—or perhaps not, seeing as how the design of the iPhone X was confirmed before release in an early version of the Apple HomePod firmware—the latest Galaxy S9 leak is courtesy of none other than Samsung itself. As discovered by XDA, Samsung's music creation app Soundcamp was recently updated with new images that depict the app running on an S8-looking smartphone with a noticeably thinner bottom bezel, however. This is in line with all the rumors that have been circulating online, and seeing as how Samsung is the source of said images, there's little doubt left as to what the front of the S9 will look like. 

But hey, you never know, Samsung could be just having fun with the hyped fans (although that's highly unlikely). Some are also speculating that these images could just be generic placeholders, but even if they were, why didn't Samsung simply use the outline of the S8 or the Note 8, which have symmetrical bezels? Samsung has been teasing its 2017 flagships with sneaky outlines of their bezels, and is also prominently using a similar technique in marketing materials and on its website. It could have easily done the same for Soundcamp.

Update: Seems like this design has been featured in Soundcamp going as far back as September of this year.

source: XDA

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