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Galaxy S9+ is cheaper to put together than the iPhone X

The new Galaxy S9+ has a more elaborate dual camera than its predecessor, a tougher 7-series aluminum framing, and thicker Gorilla Glass 5, so, naturally, it should cost a more to make than the S8+ at launch. The teardown specialists from electronics research firm TechInsight have disassembled Samsung's newest flagship, and found it to not only cost more to put together than the S8+, but also when compared to the Note 8 phablet, S-Pen, dual camera and all.

Pioneering variable aperture camera modules and new optical sensors that can take your blood pressure don't come cheap, it seems, but at least the iPhone X beats the S9 when it comes to bills of materials. 

The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, is the cheapest of the bunch to assemble, yet the highest profit margin of them all could be awarded to the iPhone X, which sells for almost three times its cost to produce, while Samsung is satisfied with twice the BoM price, at least in the US. Going over to Europe and other areas, the margin situation becomes murkier.

source: TechInsights


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