Galaxy S9 vs S8 differences you might've missed, from tougher glass to new sounds

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While many a Galaxy S8 user are justifying their reluctance to shell seven Benjamins on a new phone by looking for confirmation that the Galaxy S9 is practically a Galaxy 8.5, others beg to differ, and say that there are plenty of big differences to warrant an upgrade. 

The variable camera aperture with Super Low Light option, the Super Slow Motion, and 4K recording at 60fps come to mind, and that's upgrading where it counts an already excellent Galaxy S8, without even mentioning the repositioned for more ergonomic access fingerprint scanner, the stereo speakers, or the faster, more frugal chipsets.

Samsung posted an infographic with all the improvements over the S8, and it's a laundry list, but what about the subtle differences that are there, but are not advertised as much as "the first dual camera set on a Galaxy S-line phone"? We've compiled a few of those little differences that might help when making up your mind whether to jump to the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagships, check them out below.

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