Galaxy S5's stellar battery life might be due to Lucid Logic's battery saving tech

Lucid Xtend battery saving tech allows Galaxy S5 to last 10 hours of browsing
Remember Lucid Logic's battery-saving optimizations that we wrote about not long ago? At the time we mentioned that Samsung has inked a deal for implementing the PowerXtend battery saving algorithms in a yet-unknown device. Well, that mystery handset turns out to be none other than the Galaxy S5 flagship.

The PowerXtend suite comprises of three proprietary algorithms, called WebXtend, NavXtend, and GameXtend. All of them rely on better hardware management and load-balancing, that are supposed to extend the battery life on Android devices. GameXtend is the most interesting here, as it allows up to 50% better battery longevity, while NavXtend and WebXtend promise up to 25% savings. Despite that these are software algorithms, they have to be implemented at a system level by the manufacturer itself, which is precisely what Samsung has done with the S5.

In that case, Lucid's PowerXtend implementation might be the culprit behind the jaw-dropping battery life stats that Samsung cited on stage, during its presentation event for the Galaxy S5. It said that, even though the handset has a 2800 mAh battery, in a day and age when some phones get equipped with 3000+ mAh units, it is capable of 12 hours of video playback on a charge, and 10 hours of web browsing. These are almost double the numbers of your average Android handset's endurance, so we can't wait to put the Galaxy S5 through our battery test, and see if these claims hold water.

source: Fudzilla
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