Galaxy S5 price tag would fall 24% by the summer, research firm suggests


Based on historical data from the previous Samsung Galaxy flagships, the price of this year's S5 model is expected to fall with a quarter of its launch tag after the first three months on the market, shows research of the UK price comparison firm Idealo.

The worst offender in the list seems to have been the Galaxy S III, whose price dropped like a rock from the high seventies to the high forties percentile of its initial asking between the first six months on the market, and a year after that. A more gradual decline can be observed in the Galaxy S II and S4 pricing over time.

The folks from Idealo have extrapolated from the data on the previous three Galaxy S models, and the chart shows a 24% decline in pricing should be in store for the Galaxy S5 by the time summer starts, so you might want to hold onto your purses until then. Unless the S5 turns out to be sight unseen, that is, and you just can't help it but be ab early adopter.

source: Idealo

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