Galaxy S10 display tech leak reiterates a 5.8" 'standard' model with flat screen

Galaxy S10 display tech leak reiterates a 5.8" 'standard' model with flat screen
Oh, how we would like to be a fly on the wall of Samsung's design team now. Tucked in a report about the reshuffling of organic material suppliers for the new Galaxy S10 displays comes another confirmation for the screen sizes of three S10 models Samsung is planning to release.

There would indeed be a "standard" version with a flat screen of a 5.8" diagonal, as well as a more premium model with a curved display of the same size. The most souped-up variant is said to carry a 6.2" curved panel, just like the current S9+.

Samsung, however, is planning to use a new and improved OLED generation for these phones, dubbed "M9." This year, Samsung used the M8 generation for the Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9 screens, but in the M9 upgrade, it is said to use new forms of organic materials. 

The red ones, for instance, will be supplied by the American multinational chemical corporation Dow, instead of Duksan Neolux which was the current supplier of the red host material for the organic light-emitting diodes with the corresponding color.

Does that mean that we will see some further improvements of Samsung's venerable OLED panels in terms of luminance, color gamut or other display characteristics in the S10 trio? Remains to be tested, but for one we are pretty stoked about the possibility of a basic S10 model with a flat display that will presumably come at a lower price than its body-positive siblings.

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