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Results: the Note 9 might be pushing its luck by reiterating the old design

Results: the Note 9 might be pushing its luck with user patience...
As Samsung's August event draws near, we are continuously getting more and more leaks about the Galaxy Note 9. A fierce phablet with top-tier hardware, a big update of its proprietary S Pen, and Samsung's sleek design language. Well... too much of the same design language.

According to reports, the Note 9 will look a lot like the Note 8, just as the Galaxy S9 looks so similar to the Galaxy S8. Samsung believes in its design enough to reiterate it confidently — super-slim bezels, curved displays, metal-and-glass construction. It surely checks all the top-tier boxes.

But, of course, if you are spending $960 on a new phone, you probably want it to have a brand-new design to show off. So, we thought we'd ask you — will you be able to live with a non-refreshed Galaxy Note 9, or do you crave an all-new design above all? Here's how that poll went:

Would you be disappointed if the Note 9 looks like the Note 8?

Nope! The Note 8's looks still hold up quite well!
I was hoping for some progress, but I could live with it...
Yes! I want a fresh design!
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