Galaxy Note 8 with Android 8 Oreo: screenshots reveal new features and changes

Galaxy Note 8 with Android 8 Oreo — screenshots pop up
Early last month, some users reported that they have received an update to Android 8 Oreo on their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices. That was perplexing, as the Oreo Beta Program for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ was still well in progress, and Samsung had said nothing about the Note 8. Supposedly, these lucky users were a part of a lucky group, which Samsung chose to test pushing the update on. Fair enough.

Now, another owner of a Note 8 has been kind enough to share screenshots of the new screens and features in the Samsung Experience, built on top of Android 8 Oreo. As you might guess, there are no major new developments to celebrate, but a lot of minor tweaks that will improve the user's quality of experience.

Of the screenshots shared, we see the new keyboard, which also has stickers and GIF search implemented in it — hey it's trendy. The toolbar can be turned off if it annoys you.

The colors of the High Contrast mode for the keyboard can now actually be customized — you've got a choice of 4 high contrast styles to go for. It appears that the Blue Light Filter mode has also been expanded with a Color Lens menu, which allows you to fine-tune colors additionally.

Another big change is in the Samsung Cloud menu — the information on what is taking storage and how much it's taking is now better visible, thanks to both a multi-colored progress bar and a number of cards, which give you detailed information about usage. You can also choose to create a Samsung Cloud shortcut icon on your home screen. So, yeah, Samsung Cloud kind of looks a lot like iCloud right now, but that's not a bad thing.

There is no official word on when Samsung would be pushing Android 8 Oreo to the wide public. But we can't say we are not itching to get it already!

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