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The new Galaxy Fold succumbs to damage in a most unexpected place


After the overhauled and reinforced Galaxy Fold was disassembled by iFixit the other day, it become evident that Samsung has indeed put many additional design safeguards in place that weren't there in the initial preview batch it sent out.

It placed a thin but sturdy metal mesh layer in the display package, introduced small protective caps over the bezel gap in the middle that accommodates the hinge and crease area, and made numerous other subtler changes to make the phone withstand not only lab tests, but daily wear and tear. 

Indeed, independent testing showed that the Fold can make it out relatively unscathed over thousands of bending motions and yet some artifacts can develop still, even if the phone is used in the proper manner, whatever that manner is for a unique foldable device.

A crack in the new and improved design, however, has appeared on at least one unit, and in the place we least expected to have problems - the Samsung logo on the outer edge of the hinge mechanism. As you can see, the guy's Fold has two letters already losing their lustre, which, admittedly, is preferable before having the daily wear and tear affecting your $599 flexible display

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