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Future Samsung feature phones are expected to be preloaded with Opera Mini

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Future Samsung feature phones are expected to be preloaded with Opera Mini
Nowadays, smartphones have managed to overcome that gap in the web browsing department that was once thought inconceivable back in the day, as we’re given that desktop-like experience thanks to Flash support. However, for those sporting feature phones, they’re not as privileged in experiencing the same thing on their devices, but luckily, there are some browsers out there that are equally as useful.

One of them is of course Opera Mini, and from the sound of it all, Samsung has confirmed that the popular web browser will be preloaded on all of its feature phones released this year. So far, this includes new devices such as the Samsung Star 3, Star 3 Duos, Champ Deluxe, and Champ Deluxe Duos. Naturally, it makes perfect sense considering that the browser provides a fitting experience – especially when data speeds come into play.

As much as we’re spoiled by 3G and 4G speeds, there are still places around the globe that are limited to EDGE speeds, which undeniably impacts the experience. Well, with Opera Mini, it’s quite effective in maintaining a decent experience thanks to its compression technology – while minimizing the amount of data being transferred. On top of that, Opera Mini easily beats out some of those lesser-known browsers that are still running on feature phones, which can prove to be a trying experience.

No doubt, it's rather puzzling to even fathom in this day and age why feature phones aren't running Opera Mini, but at least Samsung is on board in giving its customers an acceptable experience.

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