From Nokia 808 to Pixel 2: phone cameras got drastically better with time

From Nokia 808 to Google Pixel 2: phone cameras got drastically better with time
Say what you will about the lack of dual-camera or optical zoom shenanigans on Google's Pixel phones, but they have consistently been making excellent pictures with the hardware at their disposal, and so much so, that the Pixel 2 currently stands at the top of the DxOMark chart. 

While the camera testers' methods and ranking scheme have been a subject of criticism and scrutiny by shutterbugs, DxOMark has been probing digital cameras and lenses for many years, making a name for themselves, and, about 6 years ago, they started running cell phone cameras through the paces, too. 

The shop just came out with a breakdown of their quality ratings on a 100-scale during that time, and it turns out that from the first major cameraphone they tested - the Nokia 808 PureView - and the current cream of the crop like the Pixel 2, iPhone X, Mate 10 Pro, or Note 8, there has been a drastic improvement, despite that the phones have gotten thinner, and the sensor sizes are still quite small. 

The megapixel war was over a few years ago, and manufacturers focused on pixel sizes, focusing technologies, and improving software algorithms. One can see very clearly what a difference this had made to the cameras we always carry in our pockets, in the span of just a few short years.

source: DxOMark

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