Friday´s News Bits - October 2009 edition

Friday´s News Bits
  • AT&T against the mobile internet freedom. Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s Mobility CEO has snapped at a small percentage of the company´s smartphone users (iPhone owners?) for generating 13 times the average traffic of ordinary smartphone customers. There are certain rules that FCC has imposed on the carriers across the country relating to the free usage of mobile internet, but AT&T just keeps dragging their feet instead of doing something about the exploding bandwidth usage, a problem they should have seen coming and been prepared for a long time ago, rather than mulling over throttling down the bandwidth for customers generating excessive traffic. (source: AppAdvice)

  • Sony Ericsson prepares to storm the US market with new smartphones. According to William Maggs of Sony Ericsson, US customers are the highest priority of the company. Sony Ericsson´s handsets are not much loved across the US, but perhaps the XPERIA X2 will change this. (source: Gearlog)

  • The Samsung Moment gets showcased in a comprehensive video. Our colleagues at Android and Me have come up with a 7-minute long video of the Android handset that is about to roll out through Sprint. The clip is worth seeing, so if you want to know more about the phone, follow the source link and enjoy. (source: AndroidandMe)

  • The Nokia Booklet 3G hits the shelves in Germany on 22 October. The notebook featuring a GSM module will be available through O2 for 250 EUR if you are willing to sign up for a two-year agreement and fork out 20 EUR per month. (source: Nokia Conversations)

  • The Samsung Jet S8000 is not just „smarter than smartphone”, but has put on lilac clothing! The new colour solution will certainly appeal to many ladies, although the phone seems to have lost the cool red pattern on its back somewhere along the way. The lilac version of the handset is available through O2 in the UK. (source: Mobiles Blog)

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